Product Stewardship services for compliance and supply chain confidence

Recent years have seen a proliferation of global regulations aiming to control and minimise the potential human health and environmental risks of chemical products. Companies need to maintain compliance of their products in this complex and fast-changing regulatory environment.

Consumers themselves are also increasingly demanding greener, safer products along with a high degree corporate transparency proving how this is being achieved. As a result, effective product stewardship and a drive towards more sustainable products is not only good practice, but also has real potential to provide companies with a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Our team has successfully supported manufacturers and their suppliers globally in the reprographics, automotive, aerospace, electronics and consumer products sectors for many years. We understand your business and offer tailored services adapted to your supply chain complexity and market sector.

How can we help?

Chemicals Policy and Management Systems

We work together with you to deliver policies and management systems that are fit for purpose and work for your type and size of business. We have supported clients in a number of sectors with their procedures, supply chain communication, supplier declarations, and technical standards.


Companies need to be able to demonstrate compliance and due diligence to enforcement authorities and customers alike. An audit carried out by one of our experts will provide you with the confidence to manage regulatory compliance in your supply chain. 
Tailored and focused, it includes practical recommendations for improvement.

Data Management and Monitoring

The vast amount of data that is out there on legislation and hazardous properties of chemicals can be very time-consuming to process and manage. Our team of highly experienced database experts has previously supported industry with projects such as:

  • Preparing industry declarable substances lists
  • Maintaining tailored regulatory databases
  • Maintaining company Restricted Substances Lists

Please ask us about how we can support you with your specific data management requirements.

Product Assessment

Doing business in a global market, it is essential to have full visibility of potential barriers to entry already during the R&D phase, so that you can answer questions such as:

  • What approval processes do we need to navigate?
  • Are any of the ingredients restricted in my potential markets?
  • What are the country-specific labelling requirements?
  • Are there any “right-to-know” requirements that could conflict with our CBI?

With our help you can have this information at your fingertips and ensure robust supply chains and business continuity.

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