Expert services for scientific investigation, problem solving and opportunity development

Yordas Group’s scientific consultancy services benefit from the expertise of a team of chemists from a range of different backgrounds, both industrial and academic. Scientific research, product and process development and chemical analysis are among our particular strengths. Our extensive expertise has been derived through many years’ experience in dealing with a broad spectrum of cases from a wide variety of different industry sectors.

The company’s toxicologists and environmental scientists bring complementary skills to the team, allowing us to offer an integrated, multi-disciplinary technical service to our clients.

We provide scientific support for the resolution of problems occurring at all stages of the product lifecycle and we help our clients investigate and develop new technical opportunities within their respective business areas.

How can we help?

Research project design and planning

We provide support for the key activities typically involved in scientific research. This includes undertaking scientific literature reviews, opportunity identification and research project design. We can advise on a diverse range of topics including synthetic methodology, Green Chemistry and nanomaterials.

Proof of concept studies and laboratory work

Once your research aspirations have been defined, we can provide practical support and expert advice during the proof of concept stage. This might involve activities such as designing and planning experiments, providing advice on synthetic methodology and mechanistic studies, and chemical analysis.

Route development and early-stage scale up

A successful research project may trigger a move to the development phase. Our chemists have extensive experience in this field, acquired during their time in the pharmaceutical and speciality chemicals industries. We can support you in activities such as the development of scalable synthetic routes, reaction mapping and the investigation of process safety.

Pilot plant and commercial manufacture

Our services to organisations engaged in pilot plant or full commercial manufacture include activities such as scientific troubleshooting, impurity profiling and chemical analysis. There is a big drive to improve the hazard profile of materials within supply chains and our Green Chemistry experts are able to support you through the design of sustainable substitution strategies.

Commercial products

Commercial products may require investigation for many different reasons. For example, they may fail to function as intended or contain unknown impurities. Some may contain hazardous components such as Substances of Very High Concern and require specific analysis to investigate this. Actors in the supply chain may wish to source their raw materials from a different manufacturer or replace certain materials with others. We are well placed to provide support for all of these activities.


There is an ever-increasing demand to promote a circular economy and, through this, reduce the amount of waste that is produced. The waste management hierarchy identifies a number of stages at which positive interventions may be made to reduce waste, and we can provide support with all of these. The prevention of waste by modifying the manufacturing process may be the most effective approach, but other routes such as recycling or recovery of substances and/or energy from waste may also be appropriate.

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