Innovative environmental solutions to support the delivery of sustainable projects

Yordas provides a wide range of environmental management services to support clients in various industries. From mining projects to local waste management initiatives, Yordas uses expert knowledge grounded in scientific analysis to identify best practices which add value to your projects and reduce risk. Yordas’ technical experts can assist you with the preparation of environmental permits and approvals, the development and maintenance of environmental management systems and the completion of environmental audits.

Yordas has the flexibility to address the unique circumstances of your project through specialised services in areas such as environmental modelling, risk assessment, waste management, water management and data management. The diverse skill set from our multidisciplinary team can add value to your project by incorporating best practices and innovative environmental solutions. Yordas strives to work collaboratively with clients to deliver sustainable projects.

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Permitting and regulatory compliance

Yordas has a proven track record of diligently managing regulatory compliance and possesses a great understanding of global environmental regulation. Yordas can identify regulatory compliance obligations associated with your project and provide valuable strategic advice for the successful management of regulatory compliance. Yordas can also support clients in achieving and maintaining compliance through the preparation of permit applications and approvals.

Environmental management systems

An environmental management system (EMS) can enable sustainable operations while allowing companies to manage regulatory compliance and providing opportunities for continuous improvement. Whether you are looking to implement an ISO 14001 or EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) certified EMS or need help with the maintenance or auditing of your own EMS, Yordas team is ready to provide you with solutions specifically tailored to your organisation’s needs and relevant for the industry in which you operate. Yordas’ EMS integrate sustainable solutions and applicable regulatory requirements to incorporate environmental compliance as an integral part of your operations. Additionally, Yordas can support the preparation of environmental management plans, such as environmental protection plan, environmental effects monitoring plan, waste management plan, water management plan and community protection plan.

Environmental due diligence review

Compliance with international sustainability standards can help companies build asset value and a sound reputation. During business transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, Yordas can evaluate a company’s environmental performance against international standards, to ensure that environmental issues and opportunities are identified and disclosed. Yordas can work with investors, lenders and buyers to provide a clear assessment of existing environmental processes, liabilities and risks. Yordas can also work with sellers to support a more competitive sale process by integrating environmental aspects into the terms of the transaction.

Environmental modelling

With the use of our extensive experience in modelling, Yordas can provide bespoke environmental modelling services to address the unique situations of your mining project. With the use of various models and tools, we can help assess complex environmental systems and maximise the value of the data.

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