Supporting your obligations for EU and Global Biocides legislations

Global use of biocides is widespread and covers industries from oil refineries to textile manufacture and from disinfectants to pest control. Ensuring continued marketing of biocides requires knowledge of the regulatory requirements in each territory, including scope issues, data requirements and submission requirements, as well as close monitoring of relevant active substances. In addition, with the inclusion of treated articles in the scope of the EU Biocidal Products Regulation in 2013, both EU and non-EU bodies wishing to market goods containing preservatives may have new and complex obligations to understand and follow.

Our experts can help you identify whether your products or articles fall within the scope of global biocides legislation and support you in preparing for those obligations.

How can we help?

Biocides Scoping Assessments

We can create a concise report, determining whether your product is covered by the EU regulatory regime for biocides and, if so, clarifying the costs and steps to ensure your product is in compliance.

Preparation and submission for biocides marketing requirements

  • Active Substance Approval Applications
  • Biocidal Product Authorisation Applications
  • EU Member State Marketing Approvals
  • EU Article 95 Inclusions

Approval and Authorisation applications

  • Data Gap Assessment and Intelligent Test Strategies
  • Endpoint fulfilment including QSAR and other modelling techniques, and literature search and review
  • Expert Assessments and Advice
    • Commissioning and Monitoring of studies via our extensive network of CROs
    • Physchem and Storage Stability
    • 5-batch analysis
    • Toxicology
    • Ecotoxicology and Environmental Fate and Behaviour
    • Efficacy and Effectiveness
  • Performing hazard and risk assessments and preparation of Draft Risk Assessments and Product Assessment Reports
  • IUCLID dossier build and SPC generation
  • Online submission and monitoring of marketing applications e.g. R4BP
  • Supply chain communication including labelling and SDS authoring
  • Representing applicants at EU Member State or other regulatory discussions such as EU Peer Review
  • Representation on Article 95 for non-EU companies

Treated Article obligations

  • Labelling and supply chain communication (including translation)
  • Substantiation of efficacy claims

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