Continuity Preparation and Brexit Planning

Strategic Statement of Intent

As a leading provider of scientific, technical and regulatory services, with commercial activities across the globe, ensuring continuity and stability through the UK’s withdrawal from the EU is of significant importance to Yordas Group, our partners, and our clients.

By actively engaging with UK and EU governmental agencies, trade associations and NGOs, we are carefully and continually monitoring the Brexit situation, to ensure that our clients’, and our own, operations are safeguarded through any potential withdrawal scenario.

To mitigate against the impacts of any change in regulatory status that reduces our ability to serve European markets, we have expanded our operations to Germany, following the opening of our new office. By establishing a legal entity within an EU Member State, we preserve our capacity to work through any political eventuality that arises following the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.

Through active leadership from both our UK and German subsidiary office, we can assure our clients, existing and new, that we will continue to be reliable partners in supporting access to European markets.

Please get in contact with us if you have any concerns, require further clarification, or wish to discuss potential implications for your organisation. We look forward to supporting you in the years to come.

Jonathan Lutwyche

CEO, Yordas Group

This statement is subject to change as UK-EU negotiations unfold.
Last updated: 18th October 2018

Our regulatory experts are here to help ensure security of your supply chains and continuity of registrations through any Brexit scenario