Dr Neil Hunt

Lead: Nanomaterials Research

Neil uses his over 10 years experience in the pharmaceutical and fine chemicals industry to support all aspects of the Yordas Group’s scientific and technical consultancy. He has project managed all aspects of the REACH registration requirements including chemical characterisation, QSAR, exposure modelling and physico-chemical endpoint testing. Neil also heads Yordas Group’s services for nanomaterials, substance substitution, exposure scenarios and authorisation, running the training courses for the last two topics.

Neil has been appointed to be a member of ECHA’s Partner Expert Group for the revision of the REACH guidance documents on recommendations for nanomaterials.

Recent Projects

Derived a substitution strategy for a leading pet care disinfectant manufacturer

Heads the Yordas Group’s scientific role within European projects in the area of nanotechnology

Co-managed the registration, in the 100 -1000 tonne bracket, of a UVCB under REACH for a large multi-national chemical company

Areas of Expertise

Substance characterisation

Exposure modelling




PhD in Chemistry, Bristol University, UK

MA in Environmental Management and Consulting, Lancaster University, UK