Dr Alex Paul

Principal: Chemical Regulatory Services

Alex manages the regulatory team at Yordas, a role that involves overseeing the delivery of global notifications including Biocides and Lead / Joint Registrations, supporting the provision of Only Representative services to non-EU clients and the business development of services in North American and Asian markets. In addition to maintaining and further developing Yordas’s strong position in Japan through collaboration with our strategic alliance partner JEMAI, Alex supports the regulatory team to develop new partnerships in Asia. Since 2014, Yordas has established partnerships in China, S.Korea, Thailand and Taiwan, and Alex leads this expansion as further Southeast Asian and Latin American countries implement new chemical notification systems.

Recent Projects

Management of > 20 REACH Lead Registrations for REACH 2018

Strategic advice to CoRAP substance evaluation

Active Substance Approval and support under the BPR

Delivery of in-depth workshops on Asia Pacific chemicals regulations in the UK and abroad

Data sharing agreements and disputes

Areas of Expertise

Global Notifications

REACH services and management

Data sharing and disputes

Biocidal Active Substance / Products


PhD in Environmental Chemistry, Lancaster University, UK

MSc in Waste Science and Management, Lancaster University, UK