Comprehensive systematic review services to support regulators, governments or industry

The systematic review process can be used to improve the transparency and scientific robustness associated with the retrieval, collation and appraisal of published data. This form of evidence synthesis methodology has historically found application in the healthcare sector and it is now being extended to encompass human and environmental health assessments, which underpin chemical regulation, litigation and major commercial activities.

Systematic reviews are particularly appropriate in situations where the body of published environmental and toxicological data is large and varied, and it allows information to be rated in terms of its quality and strength in order that it can be used in critical evidence-based decision-making processes.

Systematic mapping is a vital step within a high quality systematic review, ensuring comprehensive, bias-free identification of all relevant information. Yordas Group are on the cutting edge of developing gold standard methodology for systematic mapping.

Our (eco)toxicologists and chemists are able to offer comprehensive systematic review services to support regulators, governments or industry.

How can we help?

Systematic review

  • Draft the review protocol
  • Prepare and undertake the review
  • Identify research evidence for systematic reviews
  • Data extraction and quality assessment
  • Data synthesis

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