Adopting a strategic approach to sustainability requires a proactive innovation of your business model. Corporations need a clear theory of change and a strategic, systemic, and multi-scaled implementation plan. Yordas offers a wide range of sustainability strategy development and reporting services to help you integrate a sustainable vision in your company’s strategic plans. We can help you to identify the most effective measures to address the environmental, social and economic risks and impact stemming from your operations. Importantly, Yordas can also help you to engage and communicate effectively with your stakeholders. We can help you develop and manage an appropriate corporate sustainability strategy and reporting framework by organising effective monitoring, data gathering and reporting processes.

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Corporate Sustainability Strategy

Yordas uses a tailored three-stage approach to assess, prioritise and define action plans to help you develop your corporate sustainability strategy. Working with your key executives and managers over two workshops and through the means of competitive peer benchmarking, Yordas will help you draft your corporate sustainability policy including key targets and developing Key Performance Indicators to track, monitor and report on your progress.

Materiality Assessment

The completion of a materiality assessment is a milestone step for your sustainability strategy development and reporting efforts. This assessment consists of identifying and prioritising the issues that matter most to your business and stakeholders in a systematic and transparent manner. Yordas’ materiality assessment services can support you in the identification of key material sustainability issues to provide context for developing a sustainability strategy and the consequent monitoring and reporting processes

Sustainability Reporting

Yordas sustainability experts can prepare a sustainability report that details your policies, programmes, and selected performance data in an efficient and proven way in compliance with international sustainability reporting standards such as GRI - Global Reporting Initiative and ISO 26000 - Guidance on Social Responsibility. In addition, we can tailor your reporting information to fit specific purposes, such as the Carbon Disclosure Project and sustainability indices. To ensure your disclosure gains a competitive edge, Yordas’ communication and technical specialists can benchmark the quality of your reporting against peers.

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