In-depth scientific knowledge to develop powerful stakeholder engagement

An effective stakeholder engagement programme is critical for the development of a successful and sustainable infrastructure or research project involving various stakeholder groups. Whilst the primary objective of stakeholder engagement is to generate a better understanding of stakeholder perspectives on significant issues, early, proactive and continuous engagement can help build relationships with key individuals and earn the support of the community in which your projects or operations take place. The Yordas team of professional communication and engagement consultants combines innovative approaches with the highest standards of verbal and visual communication and an in-depth scientific knowledge to develop a strong stakeholder engagement programme that will improve the social acceptance of your projects and operations. More than this, Yordas offers leading-edge web-based solutions for online stakeholder engagement, which allow you to complement traditional in-person consultation and provide continuously accessible communication.

The Yordas team has extensive experience in developing, implementing and monitoring stakeholder consultation programmes in various industry sectors (e.g., mining, oil and gas). Our wide range of scientific expertise enables Yordas to creatively address social, environmental and economic issues through the development of appropriate mitigation measures. Yordas can support all phases of a stakeholder engagement programme to meet regulatory requirements and document the engagement process allowing you to feed back to stakeholders.

Yordas has proven expertise in supporting publicly funded clients by planning and implementing effective research dissemination and stakeholder engagement strategies for various types of research projects. For example, we have played an active role in a number of EU funded projects investigating the hazards and risks arising from nanomaterials (e.g., GRACIOUS, SUN). Importantly, Yordas experts have strong experience in a wide range of research and engagement activities for different fields featuring sustainability, social research and policy impact.

How can we help?

Stakeholder Engagement Strategy and Program

Yordas can prepare a customised stakeholder engagement strategy and programme, which will form the basis for a lasting and collaborative relationship between the developer and the various stakeholder groups who are potentially affected by the project. Yordas’ consultation programmes are proactive, transparent, timely and context-specific. We use innovative tools and interactive methods to make engagement meaningful and constructive.

Online Stakeholder Engagement and Management Platform

Complementing traditional stakeholder engagement methods, online stakeholder engagement is a powerful tool to maintain systematic and meaningful dialogue between organisations and their stakeholders throughout the life-cycle of a project. Whilst online engagement is a time and cost-effective way to listen to and learn from your stakeholders, conducting online engagement can be challenging unless you are equipped with the right tools. Yordas’ digital stakeholder engagement solutions can help you modernise and optimise your efforts by integrating a robust online stakeholder engagement platform directly into your website. This platform is tailored to the unique needs of your project, and incorporates a wide range of communication tools such as surveys, discussion forums, newsletters, automated reporting tools and a stakeholder relationship management system.

Stakeholder Engagement and Research Dissemination for Publicly Funded Projects

Communication and dissemination of research findings is a must for publicly-funded research projects. Besides compliance, engaging in such activities is an effective way to maximise impact, enabling new avenues for collaboration and attracting more funding. Additionally, stakeholder engagement programmes within the project guarantee your research objectives are in line with your end users’ needs. Yordas has a strong record of delivering research dissemination services for large-scale EU funded research projects. We offer a wide range of stakeholder engagement and research dissemination services to boost your research output (e.g., dissemination and communication strategies, event organisation, website development and graphic design, social and online media communication).

Support for Engagement Activities

The experienced Yordas team can effectively support the delivery of stakeholder engagement activities, tailored to a client’s required level of need. Services can include the management of logistics for engagement activities, preparation of meeting materials, delivery of presentations and collection of stakeholder comments. Crucially, Yordas can monitor and document stakeholder engagement activities and prepare technical reports in compliance with applicable requirements.

Risk Communication

Yordas experts can efficiently present complex scientific information to a variety of audiences. Yordas can deliver the results of a human health and environmental risk assessment study in simple terms, to a wide range of stakeholders. This process is intended to address public concerns associated with potential project risks, and aims to improve the social acceptance of projects.

Issues Management and Monitoring

​Documenting consultation activities and their outcome is essential to effectively manage the stakeholder engagement process. Yordas can manage issues and other data collected during engagement activities through the use of various tools. Importantly, documentation provides a basis for reporting back to stakeholders and helps show that issues have been addressed. Issues management and monitoring demonstrate transparency, fulfil regulatory requirements and allow you to report back to stakeholders, including regulatory authorities.

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