Combining scientific knowledge, regulatory expertise and innovative monitoring tools to ensure you remain compliant

Yordas Group offers a broad spectrum of flexible regulatory monitoring and management services to support clients in a range of industries, from speciality chemicals and the advanced engineering sectors to consumer products. Combining scientific knowledge, regulatory expertise and innovative monitoring tools, Yordas can help you to reduce risk, add value, and simplify the complicated and confusing process of managing the ever-changing legislation and regulation of chemicals. Our highly experienced team can help ensure you become and remain compliant.

At Yordas Group, we view regulatory management as an opportunity for companies to gain a competitive advantage. We work collaboratively with you so that we can offer tailored solutions that enable you to thrive.

How can we help?

Monitor and interpret regulatory changes

Companies must track the regulatory status of the chemicals they use, often globally and across intricate supply chains. Our team can compile chemicals legislation and substance lists in relevant countries and applicable to your sector, and monitor these on your behalf, alerting you to any changes. Crucially, we can also interpret what the changes mean to you and your customers.

Customised Restricted and Declarable Substances Lists

Staying ahead of legislation on substances of concern enables you to move quickly and adapt your products, ensuring business continuity. Yordas Group can prepare and maintain Restricted and Declarable Substances Lists tailored for your company, flagging substances which are of concern in your industry and require immediate removal or gradual phasing out from your supply chain, as well as alerting you to proposed and upcoming changes.

Yordas Implementation Services

Global businesses with large product inventories and complex supply chains need to think holistically across intricate networks. We can integrate your chemicals data with our proprietary apps, including our Notifier and Integrator systems, so that you can ensure your regulatory information is joined-up and relevant.

Regulatory fact sheets and summaries

Reading, interpreting and summarising legal documents such as global chemicals legislation can be a daunting and exacting process. The Yordas team of experienced regulatory consultants and scientists can prepare customised Regulatory Fact Sheets for chemicals legislation impacting your supply chain, summarising information on, for example, scope, exemptions, specific requirements and key dates impacting your business

Supplier Questionnaires

Supplier questionnaires are used to ensure compliance and to provide customers with the statements they need to ensure their own compliance. These questionnaires can be time consuming and painstaking to complete. Our familiarity with global chemical regulations allows us to complete these sections of a Supplier questionnaire efficiently on your behalf.

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