Expert support for the development of greener, more sustainable materials

Green Chemistry has an important role to play in many aspects of chemicals management and our experts are involved in projects of relevance to various stages of the product lifecycle. An increasing number of organisations are proactively striving for greener supply chains involving more benign and sustainable materials through substitution strategies.

Green Chemistry and its 12 defining principles promoting sustainable, safe, efficient and low-hazard chemistry can be used to stimulate and guide the implementation of substitution strategies.

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Substitution strategies

If your products contain substances with an unacceptable hazard profile, or if their components become subject to Restriction or Authorisation, your business may decide to replace them with more benign alternatives. Our experienced development chemists and Green Chemistry experts can support you in developing a substitution strategy, giving due consideration to the implications for your manufacturing process and product applications. Horizon scanning using our powerful database, Yordas Hive, helps us ensure that any proposed substitutions are sustainable rather than short term, regrettable ones.


If your interest is in managing and reducing waste or, indeed, recovering energy or useful substances from it, our experts can assist you.

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