Let our regulatory experts take the complication out of meeting your poison centre notification requirements

Poison Centres play an important role in ensuring the safe use of chemicals by providing vital information in case of a poisoning incident. EU Poison Centres answer an average of 600,000 calls each year in response to accidental exposure, providing medical advice to general consumers and physicians when health emergencies arise from exposure to hazardous chemicals.

Under CLP Annex VIII suppliers of certain hazardous products are required to submit a notification to the relevant EU member state Poison Centre. We provide support at every step of the notification process from scoping out which products require notification to undertaking the notification on your behalf.

How can we help?

Regulatory Scoping Assessment

We can create a concise report, determining whether your products require notification under poison centre regulations and, if so, clarifying the costs and steps to ensure your product is in compliance.

Poison Centre Notification

Our team are well versed in the notification process and can offer efficient, cost-effective solutions to ensure your notification is accepted by the relevant member state poison centre / approved body.


You, your team and your suppliers need to be familiar with the new regulations. Yordas Group can offer ready-made training sessions to bring your company up to speed with the latest poison centre regulations, or can create a tailor made training platform bespoke to your business needs.

Safety Data Sheet Compliance

Part of the notification process includes submission of your SDS. Yordas Group can ensure your SDS is accepted as part of your notification by helping you reach compliance under SDS regulation 2015/830.

Supply Chain Communication

Often, meeting your notification requirements includes obtaining information from your supplier. However, many suppliers do not want to disclose information due to concerns regarding formulation information. Here at Yordas our team are able to contact your suppliers on your behalf, acting as a third party allowing us to obtain the information you require.

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