Chemical investigation using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy

Our technical investigative work often involves the use of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR) to facilitate the elucidation of a variety of chemical structural features in both organic and inorganic chemical substances. Approximately two thirds of the elements in the periodic table are ‘NMR active’, making the technique an attractive option for tackling a range of different scientific problems. Although the majority of NMR experiments are performed in solution, it may be necessary or advantageous in certain situations to examine materials in their solid form. Solid-state NMR is capable of analysing material in the solid form regardless of crystallinity, which is attractive for samples lacking the structural order required for single-crystal X-ray diffraction.

We are able to offer bespoke solution and solid-state NMR expert services to meet a variety of technical requirements. Some examples are shown below for illustration.

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Organic substances (e.g. fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals)

Determination of chemical identity and structure, including key inter/intramolecular interactions.


Investigation of crystalline, semicrystalline, or amorphous materials. Polymer morphology and mobility can be studied in addition to chemical identity.

Mixtures (e.g. formulations and co-crystals)

Access to relevant crystallographic parameters for materials that cannot be easily crystallised for study by X-ray diffraction.

Catalyst materials

Characterisation of catalyst structures, such as transition metal nanoparticles, and the chemical processes occurring on the catalytic surface.

Energy materials (e.g. lithium battery materials)

Investigation of dynamic properties such as ionic diffusion and electronic or structural phase transitions, over a variety of time scales.

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