Supporting regulatory compliance and safety of nanomaterials

Nanomaterials possess unique physical and chemical characteristics that are not observed in other forms of the same substance. This has led to an ever increasing diversity in the products in which they are used. These unique characteristics have also raised concerns that they may have different toxicological and ecotoxicological profiles to other forms of a substance.

European regulations have recognised these possible variations by introducing labelling and testing requirements for forms of a substance that meet the definition of a nanomaterial.

How can we help?

Expert opinion

We have played an active role in a number of EU funded projects investigating the hazards and risks arising from nanomaterials (MARINA, SUN, NanoMONITOR) and have acted as an active stakeholder in a number of other projects and the EU NanoSafetyCluster. As well playing an active role in these cutting edge research projects, we have supported clients in the REACH registration of nanomaterials and have taken roles in the Partner Expert Groups supporting the drafting of the nano specific annexes to the REACH guidance documents. This gives us unique expertise across all aspects of hazard and risk assessment for nanomaterials and their associated regulatory obligations.


Characterisation of particulate samples to investigate whether they meet the definition of a nanomaterials.

Testing Strategies

Design and commissioning of integrated testing strategies tailored to the requirements for nanomaterials.

Safety by Design

Support for companies to achieve their “Safety by Design” goals to produce products that are as safe as possible.

Regulatory Advice

Global regulatory advice on identifying and meeting any obligations unique to nanomaterials.

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EU Project, SUN, publishes research reports for environmental and health risks associated with nanomaterials

9 April 2018
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6 February 2018
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Dr Neil Hunt discusses expect changes to nano-specific regulations under REACH

14 December 2017
Dr Neil Hunt features in the Chemical Watch Global Business Briefing following his presentation at the second stakeholde...

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Yordas Group Launches latest Webinar Series for 2018

8 January 2018
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