Scientifically robust chemical risk assessments to meet regulatory obligations, ensure a safe working environment, or to reduce insurance premiums

Chemical risk assessment is a vital process that any entity wishing to use chemicals safely should undertake. It requires the exploration of both hazard and exposure.

Hazard and exposure are the key parameters for assessing risk and identifying adequate risk management measures. Yordas offers a comprehensive service to allow companies to prove the risks from chemicals are managed to an acceptable degree.

Our team of experienced toxicologists, ecotoxicologists and chemists are experts in the design of comprehensive integrated testing strategies aimed at fully describing all the hazards of a chemical. We also have a number of skilled assessors with PhDs in the field of chemical exposure assessment demonstrating a wide knowledge of the various approaches that can be utilised to predict or measure exposure to chemicals.

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Hazard Assessment

Our integrated testing strategies are designed to fully identify all hazard endpoints while minimizing both animal testing and costs by using state-of-the-art methodologies.

  • Comprehensive literature search using the principles of systematic mapping
  • Use of read-across and grouping to avoid the need to commission animal studies
  • Design of testing strategies that account for unique properties of each substance or mixture
  • Project management of testing houses
  • Derivation of safe exposure levels for humans and the environment

Exposure Assessment

  • Experience in the use of basic and complex exposure modelling tools such as ECETOC, ART, EUSES
  • Design of testing protocols to measure exposure including occupational health, environmental and leaching studies that enable you to prove your company protocols are meeting compliance requirements

Risk Assessment

The Yordas experts have played an active role in the design of novel risk identification and measurement protocols for nanomaterials as part of a number of EU funded projects, placing us at the cutting edge of risk assessment for this growing area of technology.Creation of exposure scenarios at all points in the life-cycle of a chemical.

  • Support for companies to prove their compliance with extended Safety Data Sheets
  • Communication of risk management measures through extended Safety Data Sheets

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