Exploring your options and meeting obligations for REACH

The REACH Regulation is Europe’s overarching chemicals legislation and one of the most complex and multi-faceted pieces of legislation in the Union’s history. REACH addresses the manufacture, import and use of chemicals and impacts not only EU companies but also those around the world, either directly or indirectly.

If you manufacture or import in to Europe a substance in a quantity greater than 1 tonne/year then you are likely to need to Register that substance. There are a number of key dates and alternative approaches to registration that the Yordas Group can help you to find the most appropriate and effective route through this process.

Our REACH consultancy services can support your work at any and every stage of the process. Our regulatory consultants are supported by experts in chemistry, nanomaterials, toxicology, ecotoxicology, environmental fate and exposure/risk assessment.

How can we help?

Registration (Lead, Joint, Intermediate and Inquiry)

The Registration process applies to companies manufacturing or importing substances at or above 1 tonne/year. Since 2010, Yordas has successfully submitted Registrations for a wide range of substances including UVCBs, multi-constituent substances, inorganics, organics and metals. Our regulatory consultants work very closely with our scientific experts throughout the Registration process on:

  • Substance Identity and “Sameness” checks
  • Data Gap Analysis, Testing Strategies, Read-across Justifications, Expert Assessments, QSAR Modelling and Waivers
  • Commissioning testing and study monitoring
  • Human and Environmental Health Hazard, Exposure and Risk Modelling
  • Chemical Safety Assessment/Report and Exposure Scenarios
  • Risk Management Measures to demonstrate Strictly Controlled Conditions
  • IUCLID Dossier preparation and submission

If you need to Register a substance, we can support with specific tasks or manage the entire process for you.

Only Representative

Our fully comprehensive service includes initial setup, preparation and submission of Registration dossiers, issuing compliance certificates and management of all formal communication with ECHA and Member States, giving you supply chain flexibility and the confidence that your European customers are being supported as thoroughly as possible.

Third Party Representative

We can act as TPR for your company, representing you in all matters associated with data sharing, allowing your company to remain anonymous up until the point of submission. Additionally, we can carry out substance sameness checks and advise on and conduct negotiations on data sharing and working arrangements where necessary.

Business Impact Assessments

We can help your company identify the best strategy towards REACH compliance and the likely cost of doing so. For example, if you need to evaluate the potential cost associated with importing a range of products from a non-EU supplier, then our consultants can help you to determine the best strategy towards Registration and identify the costs on a substance by substance basis.

REACH Authorisation

Our Authorisation support service offers tailored advice and technical assistance, and is underpinned by the technical, regulatory, managerial and legal expertise of our consultants and affiliates. We offer an advisory service for companies who need to decide whether or not to go down the authorisation route from the outset. We work with you to determine options and the best course of action for your business. If you decide to proceed with an application for Authorisation, we can support you with all the aspects of this detailed piece of work. Services include:

  • Business impact assessment
  • Recommendation of options available to the client with respect to authorisation obligations
  • Recommended strategy based on minimising costs including substitution advice
  • Authorisation application support including identification and analysis of alternatives, socio-economic analysis and representation of clients for meetings with ECHA and the application assessment period

Other services

  • PPORD Notifications
  • SIEF and Consortia Management
  • IUCLID dossier updates and quality control
  • Data-sharing disputes

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