Continuing expert support for managing & monitoring regulatory approvals

Understanding and complying with environmental legislation is critical for the success of a project. Yordas has a proven track record of diligently managing regulatory compliance and works closely with global clients in a wide range of industries.

Yordas can support clients with regulatory compliance as it evolves throughout the project life, starting at the project planning stage, with the identification of regulatory requirements, then proceeding with the preparation of permit applications and providing continued support for managing and monitoring regulatory approvals. Careful planning and active management of environmental regulatory compliance will minimise the risk of schedule delays, cost overruns and reputation damage.

How can we help?

Environmental Regulatory Roadmaps

Yordas can provide clients with a detailed environmental regulatory roadmap which identifies applicable regulatory requirements. Yordas can also provide some strategic guidance regarding the timeline required to comply with applicable requirements, and align this timeline with the overall project schedule to identify critical path items and reduce project risk. The roadmap is a useful planning tool that will help companies incorporate environmental considerations into their project in a cost-efficient manner.

Permit Applications and Approvals

Yordas can support clients with the preparation of environmental regulatory submissions. Our team of environmental scientists, biologists, toxicologists, eco-toxicologists and chemists can support the preparation of technical documents and manage communication with regulatory agencies during the permitting process. We can also monitor and manage regulatory compliance data through the development of customised permit registers.

Environmental Assessment

Yordas can author your EA document in compliance with applicable legislation. Yordas will analyse and synthesise the technical information into a detailed EA report that will provide careful consideration of stakeholder issues and clearly outline which mitigation measures have been identified in response to those issues. Yordas can also prepare a plain language summary of the EA document, which is a useful tool for stakeholder engagement.

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