Physico-chemical and (eco)toxicological testing, modeling and expert assessment

Our established range of data acquisition and management services is used to provide data to enable effective chemicals management. Typically this is driven by regulatory requirements such as those of REACH, CLP and OSPAR, although physico-chemical testing is often performed to understand the physical performance parameters of chemicals in the application of interest. In the case of certain hazard properties, it may be possible to perform a chemical structural assessment to investigate whether practical testing is required at all.

We are able to offer physico-chemical and (eco)toxicological studies, modelling techniques and expert assessment services. Whilst the majority of the laboratory work is performed in accordance with standard test protocols, we do design more customised physico-chemical test strategies where circumstances such as the reactivity profile of a chemical dictate. We act as study monitor throughout the testing process to ensure that the final results are meaningful and fit for purpose.

Our chemists and (eco)toxicologists are highly experienced and have worked with a diverse range of chemical substances over the years.

How can we help?

Data acquisition and expert assessment

  • Identifying the most appropriate data acquisition strategy for your chemicals
  • Designing, coordinating and monitoring any testing required
  • Generating the information you need through non-testing activities such as modelling and expert assessment techniques

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