Yordas offers a comprehensive suite of global regulatory services tailored to cosmetic products

Yordas Group recognises the importance of cosmetic products and the daily impact they have on the lives of consumers. Consumer safety is our highest priority and our aim is to help you meet compliance to develop safe products for consumers.

To market your products in the EU under the Cosmetic Products Regulation (Regulation (EC) N° 1223/2009) and around the world, you will need to demonstrate regulatory compliance through scientific assessments and the preparation of suitable documentation.

Yordas Group offers a comprehensive suite of services to support businesses in preparing and demonstrating their regulatory compliance in Europe and around the world. These services are tailored to the requirements of cosmetic product regulations, whilst benefiting from the broad range of scientific and regulatory services we provide in other relevant fields (e.g. REACH, Global notifications, Biocides etc).

How can we help?

EU Responsible Person services

Each cosmetic product placed on the EU market must be allocated a Responsible Person. Yordas Group offers Responsible Person services for cosmetic products, where we:

  • Take responsibility for the regulatory compliance of your product
  • Communicate with relevant competent authorities
  • Manage associated regulatory obligations for your products (e.g. post-marketing surveillance)

Compliance Document and Reports

Yordas Group can create, maintain and store regulatory reports and assessment documentation required for your cosmetic product compliance around the world.

For example, In the EU this includes the PIF and CPSR.

Toxicology, microbiological and claim substantiation testing

Yordas Group collaborates closely with an established network of service providers to offer the full suite of testing services. We offer guidance and impartial advice to our clients to develop relevant testing strategies that aim at minimising testing while meeting regulatory requirements.

Formulation assessment and alternative testing strategies

Yordas Group can advise on product formulation, helping you to design and customise your ingredient list to meet your regulatory obligations.

Using modelling and our in-depth chemicals knowledge we can also suggest alternative assessments to replace ingredients which may be of concern.

Labelling and claims

Our hazard communication experts are on hand to help design and review your cosmetic products labels to ensure the information and claims presented are suitable, accurate and compliant with the relevant cosmetic products regulation.

Yordas Hive

Yordas Hive is our digital software solution for your regulatory needs. Our chemical database allows clients to stay up to date with the latest chemical regulatory information and allows clients to remain on top of their regulatory compliance.

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