Incorporating sustainability initiatives in your business operation can mitigate environmental and reputational risks and enhance your product offerings and business model. Benchmarking can add further value by providing insights into whether your corporate sustainability strategies are in fact effective. Yordas’ benchmarking services help you assess your sustainability efforts relative to stakeholder expectations, industry best practice and peer performance.

How can we help?

Sustainability performance assessment

Yordas consultants use a comprehensive methodology to assess your existing processes and measure your performance against a set of pre-defined sustainability criteria.

Sustainability peer performance analysis

To obtain a holistic view of your competitive arena, Yordas can support you by conducting a detailed analysis of your peer group performance and help you identify best-in-class practices suitable for implementation in your organisation.

Develop action plans to improve performance

Based on your benchmarking results, Yordas consultants can help you boost your performance by suggesting an adjustment of your strategy and offer you support in launching new initiatives.

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Yordas Group to connect with Mining Companies during the 2018 PDAC Convention

19 February 2018
We will be attending the 2018 PDAC Convention in Toronto, Canada and will take the opportunity to meet with mining compa...

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Yordas Group plays an active part in the newly launched H2020 GRACIOUS Project

6 February 2018
Global regulatory consultants, Yordas Group have taken the lead on the Stakeholder Engagement and Dissemination Work pac...

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Yordas Group Launches latest Webinar Series for 2018

8 January 2018
Yordas has announced it’s new, free webinar series for the first quarter of 2018, covering information based sessions ...

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EU Poison Centres: What’s changing?

6 February 2018
Poison Centres play an important role in ensuring the safe use of chemicals by providing vital information in case of a ...

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