Evaluating Chemical Composition: Our analysis and investigation services

Establishing the identity and composition of a substance or product through chemical analysis is key to understanding its properties and performance. Among other things, it can help to resolve technical issues with the material itself or its manufacturing process and can underpin the design of new and improved products. It is also a key regulatory requirement: For example, under REACH, every manufacturer or importer intending to submit an Inquiry, make a Registration, submit a PPORD Notification or apply for Authorisation must characterise their substances fully.

We have access to the latest analytical equipment and specialist expertise and can offer a complete testing package for characterisation and investigative purposes. By working in close collaboration with our clients, we develop bespoke solutions that are fit for purpose based on a sound understanding of each particular case.

Over the years we have successfully undertaken more than seven hundred different chemical characterisation projects. We have established the compositions of a diverse range of substances and formulations and investigated many different issues such as those relating to the impact of particular impurities on performance and hazard classification.

We have a proven track record of characterising organic and inorganic substances and mixtures, both simple and highly complex, including those used in mining, oil and gas, ceramics, polymers, flavours and fragrances, additives, biocides, cosmetics, electronics, automotive products and fine chemicals/pharmaceuticals.

How can we help?

Comprehensive analytical characterisation

Our experienced team of chemists has developed strategies to elucidate the composition of a very diverse range of substances thanks, in part, to the many hundreds of characterisations we undertook for REACH registration purposes over the last 8 years.

Complex substances

A significant proportion of our analytical work has involved very complex cases such as modified naturally occurring substances, as well as petroleum products and their additives. We have developed an excellent reputation based on our capacity to work successfully with such challenging materials.

Our services

  • Design of strategies for analytical characterisation and investigation
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Preparation of detailed study reports
  • Interpretation of analytical data generated by clients’ own analysts and preparation of characterisation reports

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