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Yordas Group supports IAEG with industry declarable substances list

The International Aerospace Environmental Group (IAEG®) is a trade association of global aerospace and defence (AD) companies, formed to collaborate on and share innovative environmental solutions for the industry and its supply chain. The group works to drive continual improvement in the processes used by the industry, thereby delivering consistently high quality products and regulatory compliance with reduced environmental impacts.

Reducing risk to the Aerospace and Defence Industry

There is a significant risk to the AD industry supply chain with respect to substances used and related regulation, and as a result, IAEG® is working towards the development of a standardised process and tools that can be used for chemical reporting across the industry. The industry and supply chain may capture efficiencies through the creation and maintenance of a baseline list of substances of concern, based on global chemical regulations, and as a result, Yordas Group was contracted by IAEG® to develop and maintain a declarable substances list (AD-DSL).

Download the full case study to find out how Yordas Group fully supported IAEG in ensuring continual development through standardised industry processes and tools.