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Webinar: REACH and the Lead Registration process - an overview

This webinar will provide an overview of the Lead Registration process required under the REACH Regulation. A Lead Registration requires a significant investment from companies in terms of time, expertise,resources and costs - having a good understanding of this beforehand will enable you to make a business case for proceeding with such an activity. Even after submission, the Lead Registrant has ongoing responsibilities to consider in terms of managing the registration dossier, keeping it up-to-date and also facilitating the joining of other registrants.

What will this session cover?

  • Who actually needs to submit a Lead Registration and for what?
  • Stages of the process in chronological order, up to submission.
  • Post submission activities and long-term management issues such as data-sharing and reimbursements.
  • Case studies including examples and approaches for cost/time-saving.

Who should attend?

  • Companies within the EU/EEA who manufacture or import chemical substances or mixtures at or above 1 tonne/year.
  • Companies manufacturing or importing novel chemical substances to the EU/EEA which are new to the market and not REACH registered by other companies.


Mark Earnshaw

Time and Date

Tuesday 29th October 2019, 14.00 - 15.00 GMT