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Webinar: Dossier Evaluation: Substance Characterisation

During the dossier evaluation process ECHA scrutinises the data submitted for a registered substance, identifying any non-compliance or inadequacies in that data. Substance identity is an integral part of the dossier, and as such the substance characterisation data provided to establish identity will be inspected during the evaluation process. 420 dossiers evaluated between 2007-2017 had issues related to substance identification which can have serious consequences with regards to the validity of all the other data presented in the dossier. Yordas Group has substantial experience in designing robust analytical strategies and generating comprehensive characterisations which have been approved when assessed by ECHA through either dossier evaluations or the inquiry process.

What will this session cover?

  • Dossier evaluation - an overview
  • Best practice in designing a robust substance characterisation
  • Choosing the most appropriate analytical techniques
  • Special consideration for nanomaterials
  • Demonstrating substance sameness
  • Examples of common substance characterisation issues

Who should attend?

  • EU-based chemical manufacturers and importers
  • Non-EU based chemical manufacturers intending to export to EU


Maciej Skibinski

Time and Date

Tuesday 12th November, 14.00 - 15.00 GMT