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Webinar: Dossier Evaluation: Read across and alternatives to testing

ECHA promotes the use of non-testing methods – especially to replace animal studies – to address the data requirements laid out in Annexes VII to X of REACH. However, using alternatives to testing must be properly justified and documented, to avoid these approaches from being rejected by ECHA in case of a Dossier Evaluation. Following the Registration of a substance, Dossiers can be evaluated to assess their compliance with REACH. These Dossiers are selected either randomly or based on specific concerns; resorting to adaptations from standard testing requirements is one of the key parameters that can lead a Dossier to be selected for Evaluation. The purpose of this webinar is to provide recommendations to Registrants to support their use of alternative to testing, and to prevent their REACH Registration Dossier to be identified as non-compliant in case of a Dossier Evaluation.

What will this session cover?

  • Adaptations from standard testing requirements
  • Process of Dossier Evaluation
  • Possible outcome of a Dossier Evaluation
  • Recommendations to Registrants on how to successfully use adaptations from standard testing requirements adaptations from standard testing requirements

Who should attend?

  • Toxicologists, ecotoxicologists and chemists involved in REACH Registrations


Remi Vacherot

Time and Date

Tuesday 19th November, 14.00 - 15.00 GMT