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Webinar: Assess your compliance needs using Yordas Hive

Companies around the world want to make sure the chemicals they use in their products are compliant. The financial and brand implications of non-compliance are staggering.

Remaining compliant can be difficult, for many reasons:
In this webinar, we’ll show you how Yordas Hive helps save time and effort. With over 268,000 substances listed against over 1,150 regulatory lists, Yordas Hive makes compliance easy.

  • A huge number of regulations need to be checked
  • Regulations are frequently updated
  • New products and company expansion increase assessment needs

What this session will cover

  • Checking regulatory information for a single substance
  • Substance reports
  • Creating a list of substances
  • Using Filters
  • Starring Important Regulations
  • Exporting List information
  • Uploading Lists from External files
  • Additional useful features

Who should attend

  • Regulatory Specialists
  • Chemical Formulators or Manufacturers
  • Paints/Coating companies
  • EHS Managers
  • Chemical Suppliers


Keel Heubner

Time and Date

Thursday 30 October 2019, 15.00pm - 15.30pm GMT