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The K-REACH pre-notification deadline of 30 June 2019 is fast approaching!

K-REACH pre-notification is more involved than similar pre-registration processes in other jurisdictions, so if you intend to pre-notify before the deadline, you will need to allow extra time to collect the relevant information, appoint the Only Representative and submit the pre-notification.

For South Korea, you will need to provide information on your substance hazard classification, use category and detailed use description, in addition to substance identity and tonnage. Details on South Korean importers must also be provided to the authorities.

How long does it take to pre-notify under K-REACH?

It is important to note pre-notifications must pass through two stages of manual evaluations by the Korean Authorities and each step takes over a week to process:

  1. Only Representative (OR) appointment: this must be approved by the Authorities prior to pre-notification submission (7-10 working days);
  2. Pre-notification: Once the OR appointment is confirmed, the OR can submit the pre-notification. The Authority will manually check all the data submitted for pre-notification (approx. 10 working days).

We highly recommend companies to start as soon as possible, with a view to have everything in place by the end of May and ensure pre-notification before the deadline!

Should you have any questions or if you require a proposal for Korean OR services and pre-notifications, please do not hesitate to contact Yanan Wang at