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Case study: Meeting SDS requirements around the globe

Introduction to the company

A leading producer of minerals, including salt, magnesium chloride and plant nutrition products, based in central USA. The company provides bulk treated and untreated highway de-icing salt to customers in North America and the EU and plant nutrition products to growers worldwide.

“The issue”

With the final CLP 1272/2008 deadline of June 1st 2017 looming, the client needed to update all EU SDS for their portfolio of products. After being let down by their software producer and requiring expert help to bring their SDS into compliance, they were looking for a professional team who could undertake the update and reclassification of their products to bring them into line with CLP.

With a product base containing hundreds of individual substances, completing an accurate and compliant hazard classification assessment was proving incredibly difficult for the internal regulatory team. The task was made more complicated by the high number of countries in which the products were placed on the market, with each country requiring an individual SDS and label translation. In total, 460 individual SDS were needed covering 15 regions.

How we helped

Yordas Group’s Hazard Communication team were able to put together a project plan for the full hazard assessment and translation of all applicable products allowing for a timeline to compliance to be produced. From here, Yordas assisted the client in identifying the most important products for update and efficiently worked through the product portfolio enabling the client’s full product base to have compliant regulatory documentation before the June 1st 2017 deadline.