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Are you ready for Turkey KKDIK?

Since the Turkey’s KKDIK regulation came into force on 23 December 2017, companies have been pre-registering their substances in advance of the 31 December 2020 pre-registration deadline.

In addition, C&L notification is required under the Turkey Classification, Labelling & Packaging (CLP) (also known as SEA) regulation, and Turkish SDS require special certification by a certified SDS expert in order to guarantee compliance.

This webinar will help you identify your role in the supply chain, obligations and how to prepare for the KKDIK, CLP and SDS regulations in Turkey. As well as pre-registration, it will share strategies for a successful KKDIK registration in 2023.

What will this session cover?

  • Overview of Turkey KKDIK, CLP and SDS regulations
  • Identifying your role and obligations
  • Appointing an OR
  • Creating your own inventory for pre-registration and C&L notification
  • Tips and strategies for registration

Who should attend?

  • Companies that manufacture, import or supply chemicals to Turkey
  • Those responsible for environmental compliance in manufacturing businesses
  • Those dealing with customer enquiries relating to regulatory compliance


Sophie Guinard

Time and Date

Thursday 21st November, 14.00 - 15.00 GMT