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Yordas Sponsors Hamilton Junior Bulldogs

Following the opening of our new office in Canada, we are delighted to have become the sponsors of local ice hockey team, Hamilton Junior Bulldogs.

Founded in 2000 by Gerry Davis, the Hamilton Junior Bulldogs are part of the 2018 Ontario league champions, Hamilton Bulldogs and have over 150 players on their books across various levels and ages. The team play out of the Mohawk 4 Ice Centre, which officially opened in 2006.

The Hamilton Bulldogs are the second ice hockey team to be sponsored by Yordas Group. In October 2018 we were pleased to also sponsor UK based team Bradford Bulldogs, who our CEO Jonathan Lutwyche has a keen interest in. We are now working towards ‘twinning’ the clubs with coaching exchanges.

Jonathan and the head coach of the Hamilton Bulldogs, Bryan Drennan (pictured) exchanged jerseys during our Canada office opening reception.

As a result of our sponsorship, the McMaster Innovation Park (MIP), have agreed to build an outdoor ice rink for employees at the park and will be working with the Hamilton Bulldogs on exhibition games to take place next winter.

To find out more about Hamilton Junior Bulldogs visit their website.