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Yordas Group to discuss Stakeholder Engagement during METS 2018

Elisabeth Luther, environmental regulatory scientist at Yordas Group, will be discussing how to use stakeholder engagement to build a sustainable mining project during the Mining Exploration and Trade Show Conference (METS).

METS which is being held in Madrid, Spain on 10-12 April, provides an opportunity for EU and Latin American partners to further realise the vision of a mutually beneficial and continuous cooperation in mining and all related sectors. The conference will feature speakers who are experts in fields such as technology, consulting services, infrastructure, investment, trade, training and skills, health and safety, good governance and other relevant areas of the mining value chain.

During her presentation on 11 April, Elisabeth, who has 10 years’ experience within the mining, oil & gas sector, will cover some of the principles of stakeholder engagement, look at methods to integrate stakeholder engagement into project planning, and provide recommendations on how stakeholder engagement can help build a sustainable mining project.

Stakeholder engagement is essential for the successful development of a mining project. Building a long-term and positive relationship with stakeholders will provide opportunities to align business practices with societal needs and help drive project sustainability.

Yordas offers comprehensive services to the mining, oil and gas industries at all project stages, from the exploration and concept development phase to decommissioning. As a leading global provider of scientific, environmental and regulatory consulting services, we support our clients in achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance, managing business risks and developing projects in a sustainable manner. As a strategic partner, Yordas is focused on adding value throughout the lifecycle of a project.

Our team of experts understands your specific regulatory requirements and we recognise that safety, efficiency and reliability are your top priorities. We are experienced in the mining, oil and gas sectors and offer a range of services to help assess and mitigate environmental and social impacts, engage with stakeholders, and meet regulatory compliance.

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