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Yordas Group announces their involvement in the newly launched Life NanoExplore project

Yordas Group, leading provider of scientific, environmental, human health, global regulatory and sustainability consulting services, is to play an active part in the Stakeholder Engagement and Dissemination work package for the LIFE NanoExplore project, which kicked-off in October 2018.

The Life NanoEXPLORE project addresses current data gaps and barriers limiting the implementation of REACH regulation and the use of human bio-monitoring data in the protection of human health and the environment when dealing with particles in the nanometer range.

Yordas attended the project’s kick off meeting held in Athens, Greece on 4 October 2018, where participants discussed how this goal could be achieved.

By combining long series of robust data on the concentration of engineered nanomaterials (ENMs) measured by a wireless sensor network (WSN) of monitoring devices, appropriate biomarkers, and a tailored designed data management application, this approach addresses current environmental, health and safety questions about ENMs, providing stakeholders from government, industry, NGOs or the general public with reliable data.

Overall aim of LIFE NanoEXPLORE project is to develop and demonstrate the feasibility of an integrated approach to conduct biomonitoring studies, characterise exposure levels and elucidate possible health effects deriving from exposure to ENM in indoor workplaces and urban areas.

The project objectives feature:

  • Development a wireless sensor network of 20 unattended, low cost, portable and battery powered monitoring devices
  • Development of a web-based data management tool aimed at supporting health surveillance
  • Defining and validating a panel of candidate biomarkers of nanomaterial exposure
  • Risk analysis of possible effects on human health
  • Refinement of the current Recommended Exposure Limits for metal oxides and low soluble carbon-based materials
  • Validation and demonstration of the feasibility of the NanoEXPLORE approach for the risk assessment of ENMs in Europe.

Yordas has proven expertise in supporting publicly funded clients by planning and implementing effective research dissemination and stakeholder engagement strategies for various types of research projects. NanoExplore is just one project Yordas has played an active part in for investigating the hazards and risks arising from nanomaterials (e.g., GRACIOUS, SUN). Importantly, Yordas experts have strong experience in a wide range of research and engagement activities for different fields featuring sustainability, social research and policy impact.

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