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Worried about the REACH 2018 Deadline: What are the options?

With the final REACH deadline looming, companies who have an active (late) pre-registration and have not yet registered, should now be concerned about meeting the 31 May 2018 deadline. Due to laboratory capacity constraints, substance characterisation is already taking significantly longer than expected, while some lead registrants have already stating that they may be unable to process Letters of Access, payments and Tokens in 2018.

As a result, we strongly advise you to begin the registration process immediately to ensure you can continue to market your chemicals in the EU without suffering a potentially major disruption to your supply chain and incurring significant additional costs to your business.

Alternatively, if you missed the late pre-registration deadline of 31st May 2017 or are new to the market, companies can no longer manufacture or import chemicals in quantities greater than 1 tonne per annum. Instead, a registration must be put in place before placing more than 1 tonne per annum on the EU market.

If you are unsure about your options, our accomplished teams of regulatory, scientific and technical experts can guide you through the process and assist with:

  • Business Impact Assessments
  • Only and Third Party Representation
  • Substance Characterisation
  • Inquiry Dossiers
  • Managing your Joint and Lead REACH Registration requirements
  • Confidentiality concerns

Please contact Yordas to obtain more details.

Dr Alex Paul

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