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Forthcoming EU Inspection of Internet Sales of Chemicals

The eighth major REACH enforcement project (REF-8) in 2020 will target online sales of substances, mixtures and articles. This is due to concerns raised by a recent pilot project that identified of a high rate of REACH non-compliance in the present online market. Full details of the project’s targets are yet to be established, however inspections are expected to focus on the enforcement of restrictions and compliant labelling for hazardous chemicals.

Our consultants at Yordas Group have been receiving increasing volumes of enquiries relating to the online sale of chemicals. With a growing number of (often small-medium) enterprises purchasing products from the USA or Asia, and offering them for sale on their own or major online platforms, companies are often not aware of the REACH, CLP and BPR obligations in relation to products such as paints, detergents or e-cigarettes.

If you would like to establish your regulatory requirements, our consultants are available to discuss whether your products or articles fall within the scope of a particular regulation, and can support you to ensure online sales and marketing compliance. Our regulatory consultants are fully supported by in-house experts in classification and labelling, chemistry, nanomaterials, toxicology, ecotoxicology, environmental fate and exposure/risk assessment.

To find out more, call our team on +44 (0)1524 510278 or email to discuss your requirements.