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Dr. Alex Paul presents at the Biocides Symposium 2018

Alex Paul, Chemical Regulatory Principal, delivered an afternoon workshop on Treated Articles and a platform presentation on the impact of the BPR on the Electronics industry during the annual Chemical Watch Biocides Symposium held in Berlin from 2-4 May.

The workshop highlighted the challenges industry is facing in identifying their obligations in relation to Treated Articles. The exercises were well received and hotly debated, bringing attention to how tricky it can be to determine the status of the product, particularly if it not only falls on the borderline between treated article and biocidal product, but also borders medical devices, cosmetics and detergents.

During the BPR and Electronics platform presentation, Alex presented: a case of inconsistent regulatory requirements and questioned how these could have happened; highlighted incidences of electronics companies making free radical generating devices that are listed on the approved supplier list; and asked how Member State Competent Authorities can start their Treated Article enforcement activities prior to collectively agreeing on examples of Treated Articles and the guidance being made available.

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