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South Korea’s Ministry of Environment product recalls and CBI review guideline published

Ministry of Environment publishes confidential business information review guideline

On 8th August, South Korea’s Ministry of Environment published guidance on the disclosure of chemical substance statistics and emission survey results. A number of companies had previously expressed concerns that the release of statistical data and emission survey results would threaten confidential business information (CBI).

In order to be considered as CBI, the information must not be known to the public, and parties with access to the information must be restricted from disclosing it (via non-disclosure agreements etc)..

MoE guidance (in Korean):

Ministry of Environment recalls 14 risk-concern products

On 2nd August, the Ministry of Environment published an announcement stating that 14 products from 14 companies were found to have breached the safety and labelling criteria for products of risk concern.

Among these, one detergent product exceeded the safety standard of ethanolamine (<0.1%) by 5.8 times and two car washer liquids exceeded the safety standard of methyl alcohol (<0.6%) by 38.3 times and 51.3 times, respectively. The other 11 products failed to disclose all hazardous substances on their labels.

Under Article 37 of K-REACH, any company that has been prohibited from selling these products must refund, exchange or collect products already sold to consumers.The manufacturers and importers responsible for the violations are facing prosecution.

Ministry of Environment Announcement (in Korean):

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