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Safer chemicals and chemical processes

In January this year, ECHA issued a document entitled ‘ECHA strategy to promote substitution to safer chemicals through innovation’. The document promotes ‘informed’ and ‘meaningful’ substitution of chemicals of concern and emphasises how critical it is for hazard data to underpin any activities in this area.

Yordas Group’s extensive expertise in all aspects of chemical hazard data, developed through 10 years’ direct involvement with REACH, is allowing us to approach our substitution activities very much as ECHA advocates - in an informed and meaningful way.

As part of our work on sustainable chemicals management, we are currently studying two groups of organic chemicals, those used in mining and those used as corrosion inhibitors. Our chemists are investigating the structure/performance and structure/hazard relationships of a selection of these chemicals to support our clients in the identification of safer alternatives. In addition to our work on chemical substitution, our chemists and process development experts are focusing their attention on a number of projects relating to sustainable routes to synthetic targets.

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