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Non-animal testing methods included in draft changes to GHS

Appearing as an annex to an informal document at the most recent Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling (GHS) subcommittee meeting, a working draft of revisions to the GHS section on skin irritation and corrosion (3.2) has been made available by the UN - to include non-animal test methods.

The dedicated GHS subcommittee, who met in Geneva on 4-6 July, is focussed on the use of non-animal test methods for classification.

Included within the draft revisions are new subsections on:

  • Classification using in vitro and ex vivo data
  • Non-test methods, such as prediction using structure-activity relationships, “computer expert systems” and read-across

The document also proposes a new method for deriving a “not classified” conclusion, based on a negative result obtained through an internationally accepted and validated in vitro or ex vivo test for skin irritation.

The finalised revision of section 3.2, and adoption by the subcommittee is expected within the next two years, with the sections on eye irritation and severe eye damage (3.3) and skin sensitisation (3.4.2) to follow.

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The informal document is available to view here.