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New implementation rule of Cosmetic Hygiene and Safety Act under consultation

Taiwan Food Drug Administration (FDA) is currently consulting on the several new cosmetics regulations and standards. The consultation period is from 31st Jan until 1st April. Below are the main changes:

  • Draft Labelling Requirements for Cosmetics Packaging, Container, Labels and Information Manual:
    • This regulation is based on Article 7 Section 1 of the revised Cosmetic Hygiene and Safety Act and will replace two existing regulations. The regulation requires detailed information to be displayed on the external packaging of the product (e.g. Chinese and foreign brand name).
    • The name of the ingredients should be based on International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI).
  • Draft Cosmetic Manufacturing Plants Standards:
    • The standard is more harmonised with international standards and the revised Cosmetics Hygiene and Safety Act and entitles FDA to draft relevant standards.
  • Draft Labelling Requirements for Domestic Repacked Cosmetic:
    • This regulation will regulate the word used on the label of cosmetics repackaged in Taiwan. The information of repackaging should be shown on labels.

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