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MoE published K-BPR implementation plans

On 31st Jan 2019, MoE released the implementation plan for K-BPR which detailed:

  • Plans for data collection of toxicological data: toxicological data about 7429 existing biocidal substances with lacking toxicity data will be collected by the government before 2022 to support registration. The data will be collected globally and cover data on oral, dermal and ecotoxicity.
  • Labelling requirement: MoE will introduce safety standard marks and pictograms for all biocidal products from 2020.
  • Customs checks: The current list of substances for customs check will increase to 885 hazardous substances, 35 consumer chemical products and 15 biocidal products.
  • Chemical monitoring system: the MoE plans to introduce a chemical substance checking and reporting system to track substances in the supply chain.
  • Support: MoE will provide support to industry and use incentives to encourage early registration.

Read the full MoE announcement at

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