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MoE publish K-BPR implementation rules and guidance

On 6th November, Ministry of Environment published six documents detailing the implementation of K-BPR. The public consultation ended on 19th November and the documents were sent to the World Trade Organisation for a 20 day comment period.

The documents include:

  • The Regulation on Labelling of Biocidal Products (MOE 2018-801);
  • Designation of Consumer Chemical Products Subjected to Safety Checks (MOE 2018-MOE 2018-805);
  • Low Risk Biocide Exemptions (MOE 2018-806);
  • The data requirements for biocidal active substances and biocidal products (MOE 2018-807);
  • Scope and Preparation of Dossier for Active Substances and Biocidal Product (MOE 2018-808).

Fines and Penalties (MOE 2018-812)