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Life NanoMONITOR Project comes to an end

Nanomonitor, a three year EU Life project has come to conclusion following its final conference in Valencia on 29th November. The project, which Yordas Group was heavily involved in the stakeholder engagement and dissemination, ran from January 2016 to December 2018.

By developing real-time information and a monitoring system, NanoMonitor supported the risk assessment of nanomaterials under REACH.

The main results and outcomes of the projects are:

  • The development of a database about the concentration of nanomaterials in different environments including urban environments, industrial environments, and what we call clean environments, rural areas.
  • The development of five prototype stations for the characterisation and detection of nanoparticles in all environments that are relevant for human health.
  • A database describing concentrations to meet the obligations of REACH, with the goal of characterising the maximum environmental concentrations of nanoparticles.

The Layman’s Report, Guidance Document, Final Results, and Video Results can be accessed in their latest newsletter.