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Taiwan adds 14 dyes to toxic chemical list and introduces ban on Microbeads

Fourteen industrial dyes added to Taiwan’s toxic chemical list

14 industrial dyes have been found to be illegally used in food products in Taiwan. The dyes are mainly in Sudan family and are designated “Substances of concern” due their risks to human health.

The 14 dyes are: Sudan-1, Sudan-2, Sudan-3, Sudan-4, Sudan red G, Sudan red 7B, Sudan orange G, Sudan black B, diethyl yellow, basic orange 2, auramine, red no2, azorubine and orange 2.

According to the announcement published by EPA on 28th June, manufacturers, importers, purchasers and users of the 14 dyes must obtain approval from the TCSB (Toxic and Chemical Substances Bureau) prior to using these substances and companies must report on their usage regularly. The dyes must be packaged with high-contrast labels with the chemical name and a warning that they cannot be used in food.

EPA announcement (Chinese):

Taiwan EPA Microbeads in personal care products

On 1st July, a ban on the use of microbeads in 6 types of personal care products including shampoo, shower gel, facial cleanser, soap, toothpaste, and scrubbing cream came into effect. Customers who find personal care products with microbeads can report to the EPA and the seller could face a fine of NT$1,200 – 6,000. According to an EPA announcement, producers of products containing microbeads are obliged to recycle or withdraw the product from the market.

EPA announcement (Chinese):

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