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Latest draft Brexit political declaration includes UK/ECHA cooperation

The draft Brexit political declaration, which includes a commitment for Britain and the EU to explore the possibility of ‘cooperation’ between UK authorities and ECHA, continues to keep alive a successful resolution to industry concerns according a joint statement released by to the UK’s Chemical Industries Association (CIA) and Cefic.

Agreed in principle on 22 November, the declaration sets out the framework for a future relationship between the two sides and will guide negotiations following the UK’s departure.

The NGO CHEM Trust also welcomed the draft declaration, stating the clear benefits to both the EU and UK remaining within the REACH System; however they believe there is still more work to be done to develop the vague language into solid commitments, and to agree which chemical-related laws the UK will need to remain aligned.

The 27 EU leaders approved the terms of the final Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration on 25 November. The UK Parliament will be voting on whether to accept or reject the Agreement and the Political Declaration in a vote which is currently planned for 12 December.

As a leading provider of scientific, technical and regulatory services, with commercial activities across the globe, ensuring continuity and stability through the UK’s withdrawal from the EU is of significant importance to Yordas Group, our partners, and our clients.

Please get in contact with us if you have any concerns, require further clarification, or wish to discuss potential implications for your organisation. We look forward to supporting you in the years to come.