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Latest developments from the Korean Ministry of Environment

MOE publishes draft implementation rules on CBI and K-REACH exemptions

The Korean Ministry of Environment (MOE) has published draft implementation rules for K-REACH. The consultation period of the draft implementation rule is running from 16th October to 26th November 2018 and the final rules are expected to be enacted on 1st January 2019 together with the revised K-REACH regulation.

The rules provide information on when generic names can be used for CBI protection. They also clarify that where a company has already applied for a research and development exemption, this is still valid even if there has been a change in a) the period of research or b) the volume of manufacture/import. However other changes trigger a new application for “Confirmation of Exemption” from the MOE.

Ministry of Environment bans 65 unregistered substances from 1st October

Under K-REACH, 510 priority existing chemical (PECs) were required to be registered by 30 June 2018. On 12th September, Korea MOE published a list of 65 substances that failed to meet the registration deadline. The manufacture and import of these substances are now banned and those violating the ban could face five years in prison or a maximum fine of up to 100 million Korean won.

View full list of substances

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