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Latest Changes to China’s MEP have been published

MEP publishes first list of substances subject to priority control

The MEP has published a first list of priority control chemicals. The list contains 22 substances.

The list was published to implement Article 22 of the Water Pollution Prevention and Control Law. The chemicals were prioritised due to their intrinsically hazardous and highly bio-accumulative properties and because they are deemed to pose significant risk to the environment and human health.

Listed substances are subject to chemicals management and restrictions under:

  • Law on Prevention and Control of Air Pollution
  • Water Pollution Prevention and Control Law
  • Cleaner Production Promotion Law
  • Measures for Cleaner Production Audit

Find out more about the MEP notice.

MEP announces guidelines to inspect ecotoxicology labs

China’s MEP has published guidelines for inspecting ecotoxicology laboratories involved in testing new chemical substances under MEP Order 7. The guidelines are published following a change last year in which Chinese labs no longer require MEP-approval to perform ecotoxicology testing. Labs can now carry out ecotoxicology testing for new substance notification if they have Chinese Metrology accreditation and have self-declared Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) compliance.

Find out more about the MEP notice.