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South Korea: K-REACH passes first Registration deadline

336 Priority Existing Chemical (PEC) Registration dossiers were submitted before the K-REACH Registration deadline of 30th June 2018. 14 consortia failed to meet the Registration deadline which means that entities must cease importing or manufacturing of these substances until the dossiers have been submitted. Of the 336 submissions, 201 have been approved and 135 are either pending approval or the registrants have been requested to submit additional information. The grace period for submitting supplementary materials ends on 30th September 2018.

Although the number of PECs published by the MoE was originally 510, it became apparent in 2017 that at least 130 substances would not require Registration before the deadline, since the annual tonnage was less than 1 tonne/year, or the substances fell out of scope of K-REACH, or because companies had planned to reduce or cease manufacture/import.