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Is it time to consider your contingency plans?

As the possibility of a no-deal Brexit on 31 October remains, has your business considered or acted upon your Brexit contingency plans? To mitigate and maintain UK and EU supply chains against the impacts of a no-deal Brexit, Yordas Group can is ideally placed to support.

Our UK entity, Yordas Limited, can act as an Only Representative for non-UK manufacturers and formulators. Our consultants can support companies with their registration dossiers and help with any UK-REACH updates required before submission to the UK HSE.

Likewise, our German entity, Yordas GmbH can act as OR for non-EU companies, including those in the UK post-exit. We can also accept the transfer of registrations from UK based manufacturers and OR’s who do not have their own EU entities.

Yordas Limited (UK) can act as UK-REACH OR for:

  • Non-UK Manufacturer of substances
  • Non-UK Formulator of mixtures
  • Take on Registrations from EU based Only Representatives

Yordas GmbH (Germany) can act as EU-REACH OR for:

  • UK Manufacturers of substances
  • UK Formulator of mixtures
  • Accept transfers of Registrations from UK based Only Representatives

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Author: Dr. Alex Paul