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Excellent results from the H2020 GRACIOUS Project

Yordas Group is the lead on the Stakeholder Engagement and Dissemination for the H2020 GRACIOUS Project, which kicked-off in January 2018.

The GRACIOUS project will develop a highly innovative science-based framework that supports the assessment of the risk posed by the ever-increasing array of nanomaterials on the market and under development. The framework will streamline the process for assessing their risk by logically grouping nanomaterials thereby allowing extrapolation between (read-across) nanomaterials and reducing the need to assess exposure to and toxicity on a case by case basis.

GRACIOUS Project’s recent newsletter has been published, which include its latest accomplishments:

  • Contributions to Making Data FAIR
  • Fostering Training and Education in the fields of Nanosafety, Nanomedicine and Risk Governance
  • 10th anniversary of the Nano Training School in Venice
  • NanoTox2021, the 10th International Conference on Nanotoxicology
  • Progress on the GRACIOUS Framework

Click here to read the full newsletter